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In California, there are many places you can enjoy cannabis. There are coffee shops, nightclubs, and festivals where you can enjoy cannabis. Here is the list of some Cannabis-friendly places in California!

Most coffee shops and other drug-affiliated establishments offer their own form of cannabis. Many sell to consumption as well as sale.

Many of these places do not have strict rules for who may use what amount of cannabis, so make sure to check out the rules before asking for access. If you need help determining whether or not you need access, look at how much you use the drug and how much you use it!

At festivals, usually there is a designated area where people can enjoy cannabis.

San Diego

The best places to enjoy cannabis in California, from cafes to festivals

San Diego is known for its many fun festivals, and there is always something new to enjoy. Many of them are held at specific locations, making it a great way to meet other cannabis users and learn about latest events.

Many annual events are hosted by cannabis farms as their annual showcase, making it a great way to learn more about agriculture and cannabis. As the farm grows, they rotate ownership of the property so that it remains private.

Some of these event take place in public areas, making them safe for all ages. Even if you do not use cannabis often, attending one event per year does not need to be done for fear of drugs or losing control over them.

These events are a great way to spend some time getting to know other people and how they use drugs, non-cannabis ones.

Los Angeles

The best places to enjoy cannabis in California, from cafes to festivals

A global hub for cannabis culture, Los Angeles is a great place to enjoy cannabis. There are many places where you can go to enjoy some cannabis, from coffee shops and markets to festivals and events.

Some of the most popular cannabis destinations in California are in Los Angeles, including Downtown LA’s Financial District and Pershing Square, the focal point of many neighborhood communities. At Pershing Square, you’ll find dozens of prominent local and international organizations working together to advance their causes.

You can also attend a festival near you! The largest annual event held in Downtown LA is The Festival at Pershing Square. Other notable events include 420-day celebrations such as New Years Eve in Times Square in New York City and Canada Day in Vancouver.

Given that it is illegal to consume marijuana within city limits, most pot smokers opt to go camping or attending a festival outside of town.

Lake Tahoe

The best places to enjoy cannabis in California, from cafes to festivals

Breaking from the norm of where cannabis is tolerated and recognized as a social and cultural activity, Lake Tahoe is hosting two marijuana events this year: the Global Marijuana March in Los Angeles on September 17, and the One Love Weekend Celebration on October 26–27.

The Global Marijuana March happens annually to raise awareness about drug abuse and human trafficking. This year, more than 300 locations will host attendees from around the world who are looking for a alternative to traditional celebrations.

These organizers expect close to 200,000 people to attend in 2017, making it one of the largest cannabis events in history. The event also includes music performances and workshops, allowing potential visitors to decide if they want to participate in what they feel is an anti-drug movement.

One popular event at One Love Weekend is smoking marijuana.

Palm Springs

The best places to enjoy cannabis in California, from cafes to festivals

Known as the “Uplifting Capital of the World,” Palm Springs is a city that champions health and wellness through many avenues. From its rich history of drug addiction treatment to its plethora of cannabis clubs and events, you will not be bored.

One of the most popular cannabis events in Palm Springs is the Spring Worksractor Competition. This month-long event features dozens of local construction companies competing to see who produces the best weed cupcakes and 420-themed treats.

The competition is not just for show-runners, either: Some members of local dispensaries compete in order to win first place at this event.


The best places to enjoy cannabis in California, from cafes to festivals

Known for its liberal attitudes towards drugs and alcohol, California has a lot of cannabis-friendly places. From coffee shops to festival sites, there is always something to enjoy!

The city is home to several cannabis clubs, making it a top destination. Most are held at night, when people are more relaxed and drug use is more common.

Some popular clubs include the Berkeley Cannabis Club, which offers social and educational programs; the Berkeley Country Club Cannabis Club, which focuses on relaxing activities; and the Downtown Berkeley Cannabis Club, which specializes in discussion-based events.

Aside from traditional cannabis consumption spaces, many towns and cities have nightclubs that feature cannabis-related entertainment.

Las Vegas

If you’re looking for a cannabis experience that puts you right in the middle of the action, no matter what time of day or what event you’re looking to enjoy, then visiting Las Vegas is one of the best places to do it.

Cannabis events are very popular in Las Vegas, and there are many around. There are even weekly cannabis events geared toward specific days of the week, like Sunday mornings at your favorite coffee shop or a Saturday afternoon event at a festival.

These events often have live music and food, making it a nice environment to enjoy your cannabis.


The best places to enjoy cannabis in California, from cafes to festivals

Oakland is one of the most famous cities where people enjoy cannabis, and it has been since the mid1990s. Being so close to San Francisco has big implications for marijuana tourism, and Oakland is no exception!

There are several iconic cannabis shops in Oakland, making it one of the top places to enjoy cannabis in California. The city has a reputation for being a tough place to enforce pot laws, which can make visiting shops fun.

Many marijuana tourists go shopping at stores like LotusShop or Kiva-Cann, both located in downtown Oakland. Both have large signs outside that list their rules for retail sales, including no smoking and no selling to minors. Both also require an ID when buying cannabis!

At events like 420 Event & Conference Center, you can find pot festivals every year. These take place in April and July, with the May event being a general public viewing event.

Santa Barbara

The best places to enjoy cannabis in California, from cafes to festivals

With over 20 dispensaries in the city, it is not possible to find a single place to enjoy cannabis. Instead, you have to be careful as there are many locations.

Many of them are large shops with many places to go, so you will need to make a trip if you want to try cannabis. The majority of these shops are located in the downtown area so you must take an Uber or car ride away from home to visit!

There are some places where cannabis is not only consumed but also created. You can go to a pottery studio and buy a pot or two painted with different colors and designs.

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