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 Banana OG Dry Cure Sugar Concentrate

Banana OG is the perfect strain for any time of day. You’ll love it’s calming and relaxing effects and how it tamps down any anxiety making it a great companion when heading out to socialize.

Let’s start by exploring the aroma and flavor profile of Banana OG. The name says it all – the smell and flavor of overripe bananas is prominent, with subtle hints of earthy and sweet notes. When you take a hit of Hype’s Banana OG sugar wax, you’ll experience a smooth and fruity taste that lingers in your mouth.

The effects of Banana OG are just as enticing. As an indica-dominant hybrid, this strain is known for its relaxing and calming effects that can help ease muscle pain and insomnia. The high THC content also provides an intense body high that leaves you in a state of blissful relaxation. After the initial wave of euphoria, intense hunger and sleepiness may set in, so it’s best to keep some snacks nearby.

As for appearance, Banana OG buds are dense and compact with a bright green color and scattered orange hairs. The strain is also coated in trichomes, which gives it a frosty and sticky texture.

What sets Hype’s Cured Concentrates apart is our commitment to quality. Our concentrates are 100% additive-free and made only from carefully curated cannabis strains. Our cured resin process ensures the best possible terpene and cannabinoid profiles to create an unmatched sensory experience.

So, why choose Hype’s Banana OG sugar wax? This strain is perfect for any time of day and can help you relax and unwind after a long day or even enhance social situations with its calming effects. It’s also ideal for those seeking pain relief or improved sleep quality.

Imagine taking a hit of Hype’s Banana OG sugar wax and feeling the relaxation spread throughout your body. You’re transported to a state of pure bliss as you indulge in the smooth and fruity flavor. The ambiance is serene, with a sense of calm and tranquility that envelops you. You can’t help but feel grateful for the premium quality of Hype’s concentrates.

All Hype cannabis is Grown for you with Love in California, the epicenter of the world’s highest quality cannabis. Hype Cannabis Co. is cultivating new strains of cannabis around the clock, 24/7 365. Every strain, every bud is grown in California with love. Be sure to check on us often and catch one of our delicious new drops! Follow us on your favorite social media platform and let us know what cannabis strain is your favorite! 

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Hype Cannabis Co. is continuously developing flavor profiles and cannabinoid strength of our cannabis strains so we can deliver elevated cannabis experiences to our customers.