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Mac 1 Cannabis Flower Premium Indoor Grown

Everything you expect and then a little something different that’s Mac 1

Mac 1 cannabis flower is a potent, loud strain that delivers ultra body relaxation.

As you open the jar, you’ll be greeted by Mac 1’s sweet, floral aroma with hints of spice and earthiness. The fragrance is so enticing that you’ll find yourself wanting to take another deep breath. As you inhale the rich, creamy smoke, you’ll notice a fruity flavor with a hint of diesel on the exhale.

MAC 1 is a hybrid strain that is sativa-dominant, with a lineage that includes Alien Cookies and Miracle 15. The effects of this strain are powerful and long-lasting, making it ideal for both recreational and medicinal users. The high is known to be energizing and uplifting, promoting mental clarity and creativity. At the same time, MAC 1 can provide a relaxing and calming effect, making it perfect for unwinding after a long day.

The buds of MAC 1 are dense and tightly packed, with a bright green color and a coating of crystal-like trichomes. The unique features of this product don’t stop there – with a THC content of 22.27%, MAC 1 is and excellent choice for any cannabis enthusiast. Its origins can be traced back to the Pacific Northwest, where it was created by a group of expert cultivators with a passion for crafting the perfect cannabis experience.

MAC 1 is versatile enough to be used in a variety of situations, whether you’re looking to socialize with friends or relax in your own personal oasis. The effects of this strain will transport you to a state of euphoria, with a sense of bliss and happiness that is hard to describe. You’ll feel your body and mind come alive, as the ambiance and atmosphere of the environment around you are enhanced.

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Hype Cannabis Co. is continuously developing flavor profiles and cannabinoid strength of our cannabis strains so we can deliver elevated cannabis experiences to our customers.