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There are several ways to get high. There are prescription drugs that can be prescribed, over-the-counter drugs that can be purchased, and illegal drugs such as cannabis.

Many people find CBD products, like those found at, to be relaxing and helpful. Others find only cannabis effective in helping them cope with stress and self-care.

Whether you are new to cannabis or have been using for years, getting away from the typical effects of marijuana is a big reason people start anew with a CBD product.

Some people even report having totally different experiences from before, while others describe a more pronounced ‘normal’ for them of what marijuana does to them emotionally, physically, and Mentally (hereafter: “thenorma.”).

This is not to say that one experience does not influence the other two; it just suggests that there is more to CBD than thenorma.

Amanda Reigel

Meet the Pioneers: Interviews with California's Trailblazing Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Amanda Reigel is the CEO and Founder of The Next Big Thing: A Podcast About Transformational Cannabis Entrepreneurs.The Interviews With California’s Trailblazing Cannabis Entrepreneurs

When she isn’t running the show at, she also writes for, edits her blog, AriseandAchieve, and is an expert on cannabis business strategies.

She began her career in journalism as an investigative reporter, eventually moving into editorial positions. During her time as a journalist, she learned that questions are key to getting answers from someone else.

That’s why she started interviewing people about their ideas for transformational cannabis entrepreneurs on her podcast, Meet the Pioneers.

Max Pixel

Meet the Pioneers: Interviews with California's Trailblazing Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Max Pixel is a California-based cannabis company that is pioneering new ways to market and sell cannabis. Their main product, MaxPixel Cannabis, is a high-quality transdermal system designed to help people manage their moods and consume CBD without the effects of alcohol or other drugs.

Their target audience is middle-age adults who have lived normal lives for several years, but who now feel the need medication or treatment. They believe that by giving this group an easy way to consume their CBD, they will more likely seek treatment out.

The founders of Max Pixel are very passionate about what they do and want to help people in any way they can. This shows in their marketing campaign, which includes being interviewed on radio and TV shows, donating money for increased production output, and putting their product on sale at local stores.

This attitude can be seen in every part of their business, which is why they were chosen as one of the Top 5 Cannabusinesses in California this year.

Chrystal Hill

Meet the Pioneers: Interviews with California's Trailblazing Cannabis Entrepreneurs

When Crème de la Trailblaisation hits, it will be hard to ignore Crème de la Trailblaisation. The newest crop of cannabis entrepreneurs in California are bringing an authentic cannabis experience to the market with their smoothies, gummies, and other products.

Cream de la trailblaisation is a trademark of the industry, meaning it has been recognized as the standard by which cannabis products are marketed. This is huge! As the leading source of marijuana experiences in California, these new entrants have the potential to capture a major audience.

This all-female startup team has been working together for years now, so it is no surprise they know what they are doing.

Shana Hallagan

Meet the Pioneers: Interviews with California's Trailblazing Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Shana Hallagan8 is the founder and CEO of Screewave LLC. She is also known as the Queen of Reggae, and as the CEO of Screewave LLC.

Screewave was founded in 2014 by Shana in Southern California. At that time she was a medical marijuana caregiver helping people with severe pain. She saw a need for a quality product that was easy to use and helped people feel connected to the cannabis community.

She later moved her company to Colorado where she began selling through an online store. She has continued to expand her brand throughout California, Australia, England, and Malta due to her success with sales there.

This has lead her to travel around the world sharing her product with other cannabis entrepreneurs.

Karina Jagger

Meet the Pioneers: Interviews with California's Trailblazing Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Karina Jagger was born and raised in Southern California, where she attended New Trier High School. She got her first job as a cashier at a supermarket shortly after graduating from New Trier with a degree in food science.

After working for several years in the industry, she decided to begin her own business. She started Phive Fresh, a company that sells cannabis-infused products, in March 2017.

Since opening her business, she has grown her team and expanded into the legal cannabis industry. In January 2018, she was named one of Silicon Valley’s Most Promising Startups by Business Insider.

Yüni Roche-Lander

Meet the Pioneers: Interviews with California's Trailblazing Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Yüni Roche-Lander is a California native and former investment banker who founded the world’s first cannabis social media company, yü, in San Francisco in 2013.

At the time, she was working at Goldman Sachs and had just received her MBA from Stanford. She was researching ways to continue her career in banking after graduation, when she discovered cannabis.

She became obsessed with how little she knew about it and decided to start a company to find out. She started yü, an online community of cannabis enthusiasts, in 2013 after meeting an interest group for cannabis consumers through Facebook called The Leaf Group.

She began hosting events where people could come together to learn about and use marijuana, creating the first online community for pot users.

Kelly Mannoie

Kelly Mannoie is a powerhouse in the cannabis industry. She co-founded and ran The Green Organic distant Company for almost two decades, and now she is an investor, leader, and founder.

The distance Between Company was purchased by GW and has become their flagship product, the ginseng-infused CBD oil Drops. These are very popular as a wellness product as they don’t cost too much and you get what you pay for.

Her new role as an investor will help her find new businesses to buy and raise money for through her company, The Angel Group. She will also be leading companies into her network of cannabis investors to access additional resources.

She was kind enough to answer some questions about her business strategies and how she leads teams at The Angel Group.

Amy Dannenfelser

Meet the Pioneers: Interviews with California's Trailblazing Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Amy Dannenfelser is the founder and CEO of one of California’s largest cannabis companies, Greenridge Capital. She is also the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee in California and a member of the Trump Administration’s Green Group.

Under her leadership, Greenridge has grown to become one of the biggest vertically integrated cannabis companies in California, with operations located in wholesaler and retailer licenses.

With more than $40 million in venture capital investments, Greenridge is well on its way to reaching its ambitious goals. Their stock price has reached over $3 per share and they have been invited to speak at several high-profile events around the country and internationally.

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