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Medical cannabis is becoming more accessible for the average person, thanks to products such as vape pens, tinctures, topicals, oils, and now pre-rolled joints! These cannabis infused products are great because you don’t have to smoke anything — just use your device of choice and consume.

Many people begin experimenting with these products by trying an oral dose or topical application, before moving onto something stronger. That’s totally okay too!

While there are several types of cannabis infusions out there, most contain marijuana extract (known as CBD) in some form. What differentiates one type from another is how much CBD they contain and whether it is clear liquid, paste, or solid.

Certain types of cannabis edibles can be harmful if consumed improperly. The wrong way to chew or mix your product could lead to choking or poisoning. Make sure you know what kind of precautions must be taken when handling and consuming your medicine!

Here we will discuss the two major categories of cannabis infused products: dry herb and oil extracts. We will also take a look at some specific examples of each. So, stay tuned and read on for more information!

Disclaimer: This article should not be used to diagnose or treat any health condition. There has been no clinical study conducted on the effects of ingesting our recommendations here. Therefore, we cannot guarantee its effectiveness. Consult your doctor before starting any herbal supplement regime, especially one that contains cannabis.

Vaporized pre-rolls

Cannabis Infused Pre-Rolls: Types of Pre-Rolls

Another way to enjoy cannabis is by vaporizing it as a pre-rolled joint or vape. By heating up the cannabis before smoking, some of the compounds in the plant are able to break down, enhancing the taste and effect.

Most people use dry herbs such as pot or weed, which you can then hit the flame of your stove or torch and burn in the middle of a glass bottle or ceramic dish. You will want to make sure there are no exposed flames as this could start a fire!

Once burnt, you simply fill the container with liquid (usually oils) and roll it into a finished product. The most common liquids used for vaping are oil or butter soya, coconut, hemp, canola and olive.

Many people mix their own oils at first until they find one that works for them, then they stick with that one. It is easy to do once you have done it a few times!

These days there are many types of vaporizer that work differently. Some heat up solid materials like dried herb and plastic bongs, while others use water or alcohol as liquid to be heated up and inhaled.

There are also box style vapors where you add your material directly onto the device, and lastly whip-style devices where you pull out the cartridge strip and ingest it that way.

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