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Hype Super Silver Haze Distillate Vape Cartridge

The award-winning sativa strain, Super Silver Haze, created by Green House Seeds is great for taking the anxiety out of socializing or amping up creativity and focus.

Looking for a truly unforgettable cannabis experience? Look no further than Hype Cannabis Co.’s Super Silver Haze distillate carts! This award-winning sativa strain, created by Green House Seeds, is a true treasure in the world of cannabis. With a complex aroma and flavor profile that combines notes of earthiness, spice, and citrus, Super Silver Haze is a sensory delight that tantalizes the senses with every puff.

But it’s not just the flavor that makes Super Silver Haze so special. This strain is known for its uplifting, energetic high that’s perfect for social situations, creative endeavors, or just a night in with friends. Whether you’re looking to relieve stress or curb nausea, Super Silver Haze is the perfect strain for you.

At Hype Cannabis Co., we’ve taken the incredible effects of Super Silver Haze to the next level with our full spectrum distillate carts. Each cartridge is carefully crafted to deliver maximum potency and terps, ensuring that you get the most out of every puff. And with our discreet, easy-to-use 510 cartridge format, you can enjoy Super Silver Haze wherever and whenever you want.

So what sets Hype Cannabis Co.’s Super Silver Haze distillate carts apart from the rest? For starters, our commitment to quality and sustainability. All of our products are grown with love in California, using only the finest organic and sustainably sourced ingredients. And with a focus on delivering you the best possible cannabis experience, our carts are the perfect way to enjoy the incredible effects of Super Silver Haze.

But don’t just take our word for it. Experience the magic of Super Silver Haze for yourself today! Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of cannabis, our distillate carts are the perfect way to elevate your mood and your senses.

Hype Cannabis Co. is cultivating new strains of cannabis around the clock, 24/7 365. Every strain, every bud is grown in California with love. Be sure to check on us often and catch one of our delicious new drops! Follow us on your favorite social media platform and let us know what cannabis strain is your favorite! 

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Hype Cannabis Co. is continuously developing flavor profiles and cannabinoid strength of our cannabis strains so we can deliver elevated cannabis experiences to our customers.