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As we continue to see more states legalize cannabis, more cultivators are needed to meet the demand for high-quality marijuana products. Companies that can grow great weed are in a boom period right now!

Many of these companies only need your support once per day to keep their business running smoothly, so why not help them succeed? By supporting local cannabis businesses, you will helping promote growth and sustainability in the industry while giving yourself some fresh new edibles or topicals every time you shop.

Hype Cannabis Co. is an award winning cannabis cultivator located in sunny California. If you ever wanted to try your hand at growing your own medicine, then this is definitely something you should know about!

Hyped has some of the most experienced growers in the business and all of their strains have won awards at various festivals across California. Their team members also receive special training and education about the plant throughout the year, which is another way to ensure quality product.

I’ll include links to both their social media pages as well as their website below, so be sure to check those out! Also, make sure to read my full article to learn more about how you can help support their business if you would like to contribute.

Hype Cannabis co. opened its doors in 2016

Hype Cannabis Co.: California's Premier Cannabis Cultivator

Since opening their doors, Hype has been recognized as one of the top cannabis cultivators in the state by many sources. They have received several awards for their products and services since launching in California!

Their success comes from running an efficient production facility with top quality equipment and materials. These include dryer sheets, air purifiers, CO2 generators, nitrogen tanks, etc. All of these tools aid in ensuring optimal growth for each plant.

The company is based in Sacramento

Hype Cannabis Co.: California's Premier Cannabis Cultivator

Hype Cannabis Co. brings expertise in extracting cannabinoids and terpenes from plants, as well as knowledge about the effects of various compounds when it comes to treating diseases or conditions.

Hype uses uses third-party testing laboratories to make sure their products contain the right amount of THC and CBD, as well as the correct ratio of these cannabinoids.

Hype tests for heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, and mercury, which can be harmful for some people after consuming their product. Hyped Plants is very careful about how clean their equipment is so there isn’t any contamination.

They grow and process their own cannabis

Hype Cannabis Co.: California's Premier Cannabis Cultivator

While not every cultivator is able to run large-scale operations, those that can produce their own marijuana are an essential part of the legal cannabis industry. The products they create contain less harmful additives than those manufactured by larger companies, and sometimes even at lower costs.

Many professional grade cannabis strains require expensive equipment or refined technical skills in order to be grown properly. Some people are too afraid to start experimenting with growing because of this!

Cannabis farmers who know what chemicals will help retain THC levels during flowering, how to manage chlorophyll content, and which nutrients promote plant growth are needed now more than ever. If you’re passionate about creating your own high quality medicine, there are many ways to get started as a beginner cultivator.

There are several low cost options available if you’re just starting out. You could use green house plants or soil mixed together compost and perlite (both of which easily decompose) as your medium. A simple potting tray lined with plastic wrap and protected from direct sunlight is enough to begin.

They sell their products to local dispensaries

Hype Cannabis Co.: California's Premier Cannabis Cultivator

Hype is well known for their quality flower. What makes them stand out from other companies is that they grow their plants using an all-organic growing system.

This includes using organic soil, non-GMO fruits and vegetables, and natural fertilizers. Their composting system even uses leftover marijuana leaves to aid decomposition!

Hence why their flowers are packed full of both taste and health benefits. Not to mention how beautiful they look!

Their unique growing process also helps preserve the potency of the end product.

They have a variety of cannabis strains

Hype Cannabis Co.: California's Premier Cannabis Cultivator

Strain names like Girl Scout Cookies, Pineapple Express, and Acorn are some of their most well-known products. While these strains may sound funny or whimsical, they all contain THC, the compound that gets you high.

Many people associate edibles with experiences that sometimes leave them hungry or talking about what an excellent meal it was. But creating a truly memorable experience requires finding the right blend and strength of cannabis for your personal taste.

That’s why HYPE is so important! Their product line includes both dried flower and infused edible options at various strengths.

They are expanding

Hype Cannabis Co.: California's Premier Cannabis Cultivator

What makes Hype different from many other cultivators is that they only use organic materials when producing their products. This includes choosing which crops are grown and what fertilizers and additives are used during the growth process.

They also make sure to never test any of their products on animals or use any types of heavy metals to produce the finished product. These things can all affect your health negatively so they want to be as careful as possible.

They are a certified cannabis producer

Hype Cannabis Co.: California's Premier Cannabis Cultivator

Certified cannabis producers are companies that must meet professional standards to offer products for medical or recreational use of marijuana. These professionals have stringent requirements for health, safety, quality, and business practices.

Most importantly, they must be able to prove their production is legitimate under federal law. This means not only do they need to be licensed by state authorities, but also your final product needs to be tested for safety and quality.

Many well-known brands certify themselves as ‘cannabis producers’, which sometimes creates confusion due to the popularity of this term. Make sure you understand what it actually means before choosing who to believe!

Hence, we will talk about one such company in this article – Hype Cannabis Company.

They have a variety of products

Hype Cannabis Co.: California's Premier Cannabis Cultivator

While many cannabis companies are known for their specific strains, or types of marijuana products, there is another way to make an impact. Companies that focus on producing other products such as edibles, topicals, oils, and extracts can have just as big of an effect on the industry!

A company that has really made waves in the cannabis market is called Hype Cannabis Company. Not only do they produce various cannabis products, but they also run one of the largest organic farm operations in the country!

There are several reasons why HCC should be noted by even non-medical patients. First, not only does every product go through rigorous testing, but these tests are conducted by accredited labs with certified professionals performing them.

Second, all of their extracted products are either raw oil or full spectrum CBD. This means that they contain both pure cannabidiol and any additional substances found in the plant. HCC strives to leave out anything that could potentially harmful.

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