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Outside of winter sports enthusiasts, glamping is a fun way to get away from it all. Using a facility as a overnight stay is an opportunity to select your own food and drink, and to create your own experience.

Off-grid glamping is becoming more popular as consumer’s look for ways to relax and enjoy nature. Being in control of the accommodations allows the user to truly determine how relaxing and what kind of experience they want.

There are many ways to find off-grid glamping accommodations, usually through visiting ranger stations, tourism agencies, or by looking on website such as Replugged Resorts. Most are covered in snow so that you can enjoy your trip outside, however.

What is glamping?

The Great Outdoors: Cannabis-Infused Glamping Adventures Across California

Glamping is a term used for “g Residence or tourism accommodation that is configured as a camping or lodging experience.” In other words, Residence owners configure their Residence to be a tent with sleeping bags and pillows to make it a camp-like environment.

The term was coined about ten years ago when people began creating glamping Residence experiences. At the time, these types of Residence experiences were called vacation rentals. Now, most terms for this type of accommodation have become normalised.

There are many reasons to have a cannabis-infused glamping adventure. The biggest one is relief: Going green can help you relax, get away from life stresses and enjoy some beautiful surroundings. The second is cognitive distraction: Getting away from it all and enjoying seclusion are both benefits.

Where can I go glamping in California?

The Great Outdoors: Cannabis-Infused Glamping Adventures Across California

There are several regions of California that offer unique whitewater rafting, scenic drive excursions, and adventure sports like skydiving. For those looking for a more relaxed environment, whitewater rafting or scenic drive adventures are the way to go.

Some of the most popular destinations in California are ski resorts, so going whitewater rafting or scenic is an option for those who do not wish to stay in a hotel. Many people choose to do this on a day-of-the-week schedule so that everyone who wants to go can make their own arrangements.

While all three activities described above are relaxing ways to spend a relaxing day, there are some critical components of each activity that need to be accounted for.

What should I bring?

A tent is the most important piece of equipment you will own. A tent can literally save your life and your partner’s in the outdoors. There are many brands and models of tents, so this is not a quick fix.

Some companies recommend checking out their tent before a night’s sleep to make sure it is functioning appropriately. Other professionals such as a medical marijuana grower or cannabis retailer recommend checking out the tent before an outing to ensure adequate ventilation and safety measures are in place.

The floor of the tent should be low to prevent people from slipping, and there should be enough horizontal space for people to move around comfortably. If there are ceiling spots, these must be covered to prevent light leaking into the tent.

If you plan on spending most of your trip outside, then check out the weather! There are multiple products that predict how hot and/or windy it will be during your trip.

What should I expect?

The Great Outdoors: Cannabis-Infused Glamping Adventures Across California

While the term glamping is often associated with campfires and grillmasters, more and more designers are creating visually attractive ways to offer accommodations that include a portion of the outdoors.

Some designers offer fully functional out-of-doors spaces, complete with tables and chairs for meals or gaming events in the tent or booth. Others create secluded lodging structures that mimic a log cabin or luxury hotel room.

The best out-of-the-ordinary experiences emphasize unique design, special locations, and/or extreme conditions. For example, one designer creates Innkeepers who spontaneously move in to their private enclave of tranquility. Or how a hotel room with no windows might result in less water condensation due to lack of outsideization.

Since your trip may consist of several of these challenges, determine where you want to go based on what you are looking for in an experience.

Are there different types of cannabis to use for camping?

The Great Outdoors: Cannabis-Infused Glamping Adventures Across California

For starters, there are two main types of cannabis: marijuana and cannabliss. While neither is recommended for camping, the former is better than the latter!

Cannabis is a naturally occurring substance found in plants. Although it can be consumed in its dried form, plant resin or flower petals are actually more useful to create kits, creations, and activities.

Kitchenware artists know that hemp-based materials like flour and baking powder are perfect for creating with children. Hemp-based foods are easy to store and prepare, which makes them a great resource for outdoor adventures.

What are the effects of using cannabis outdoors?

The Great Outdoors: Cannabis-Infused Glamping Adventures Across California

There are many reasons to go outdoors, whether it be for the fresh air or the view. Govenments across the world are implementing programs that allow people to join the community outdoors, as well as online.

Many of these programs include cannabis access as part of the program. With online programs, you can start looking almost immediately. There are hundreds of sites that have available positions for campers, fishers, and stoners.

Once you join, you must abide by certain policies such as staying in your own tent at night and not going outside before sunrise and walking out into the cold and snow to get a quick fix. It is very difficult to stay in touch with your schedule with this, but once a week is spent in nature, it is worth it.

Are there any drawbacks to going camping and using cannabis?

The Great Outdoors: Cannabis-Infused Glamping Adventures Across California

For starters, cannabis is not a permitted camping aid in California. This means that you cannot use it as an excuse to get high in the middle of the day. Nor can you legally do so either.

Another important note is that cannabis is not a permitted item during camping or recreational fire making activities. This means that you cannot light a fire and enjoy your smoke while listening to music on your headphones, because there is no allowed burning of paper or non-wood materials.

While some report having fun with limited drug use, more than likely you would experience loud noises and constant motionness rather than peacefulness and isolation. You would be out in the elements, with little to no protection from the weather or yourself.

These are both conditions that can lead to stressors such as outside temperatures, injuries, and socialization issues.

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