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At present, the cannabis industry is dominated by men. There are more men in the cannabis community than there are women, and they hold most leadership positions. This is a problem that needs to be addressed.

The male gender prevents many people from understanding and participating in the cannabis community, especially those who are not necessarily masculine. By having more women in leadership positions within the industry, efforts to reform the cannabis industry will be more successful.

This article will talk about some female leaders in the cannabis industry who are changing perceptions of what a drug can be used for and what it can achieve. These women are breaking barriers by proving people wrong who say they cannot use it or that it is a waste of time and money.

Their stories are also a way for other people to learn about them because of their work.

Dr. Bonnie Goldstein

There are very few jobs more valuable or valued higher than physicians. As one of the leading experts in cannabis, Dr. Goldstein is a true yellow gold standard in her field.

She’s highly regarded by her peers as an expert in her field and she uses her medical expertise to help guide patients into using cannabis as an alternative treatment. She’s also worked with many high-profile clients including Robert De Niro and Martin LaBonte from TV’s The O Show.

As the CEO of BonnieGoldsteinMD, she helps patients find a knowledgeable source of relief with her work as a doctor. She also runs a Facebook group for doctors called Medical Cannabis Doctors that has attracted over 6,000 members since 2016.

To get you ready for the article, here are some of Dr. Goldstein’s top tips for women in the cannabis industry.

Amber Langston

Amber Langston is a rising star in the cannabis industry. She founded her company, Amber Langston Group, in 2016 and quickly built a following by offering luxury cannabis products.

Today, her product line is one of the most popular luxury cannabis brands on social media with over 140,000 followers. She also hosts monthly meetups to help other business people learn how to run a company.

In addition to growing her brand and hosting meetups, Amber has become an incredibly active member of the community. She’s served on multiple boards and has worked hard to be involved with important issues facing women in the cannabis industry.

She recently announced the creation of The Women of Weed Foundation to support other women in the cannabis industry and raise awareness of barriers that affect them in business and society.

Cindy Caponera

Formerly known as Cindy Caponera, the founder of Bev Downtown, Caponeira is a well-known female cannabis entrepreneur. She has worked hard throughout her life to earn her wealth and she is using her influence as a business leader to help change the industry for the better.

She started Bev Downtown as a way to help raise money for local drug treatment centers and social services. Since she runs multiple locations, she can offer different products and services, which makes it more expensive to compete. However, she refuses to sell watered down drinks or food because it is cheaper than cannabis.

She believes in treating people with respect and not selling anything that makes them feel high, so anyone who does not share these values is missing the point of being a business owner.

Jazmine Grey

Jazmine Grey is a humanitarian and activist who believes that our world is full of injustices and that change can be used to make a difference. She began her career as a social worker, working with disadvantaged communities in Africa and Asia.

When she returned to the United States, she entered the workforce as a health care executive for several organizations. She also worked as an addiction treatment provider, helping others beat their substance use disorders.

She became involved in progressive politics, running for office both locally and state-wide. During this time, she learned about the importance of cannabis as an alternative to alcohol and other drugs. She has been using it ever since to treat symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Today, she is more vocal about her support for marijuana policy because she feels like it’s the right drug for people who need it.

Jessika Jennings

Jessika Jennings is a U.S. Army veteran and owner of Weed Gerbil, a Virginia-based cannabis company. She first got into the cannabis industry as an investor and board member for two large cannabis companies before launching her own, Weed Gerbil.

Weed Gerbil is a company that designs and sells customized flower devices based on customer requests. Their products include everything from water filtration, LED, and activity trackers to tobacco-style vaporizers and concentrates.

Weed Gerbil was the first company to offer personalized flower devices in the U.S., making them an appealing option for those looking to start smoking marijuana.

Bethany Gomez

Bethany Gomez is a pioneer in the cannabis industry. She started her career as an adoption worker, helping people find their best selves by helping them find a place in the cannabis community.

After working in the community for several years, she realized many of her peers were women, and there was not enough visibility for their stories.

She decided to create Women of Weed, an all-women cannabis organization that aims to bring together women who are looking to share experiences in the cannabis space.

They create events and conferences with the intention of having female-only meetups, but they have been growing every year and now have over thirty members. They also host conferences on their own, such as The Women’s Cannabis Conference in San Francisco this year.

Morgan Fox

Morgan Fox is a well-known figure in the cannabis community, having recently released her book, Women of Weed. The book details the lives and careers of seven diverse women who are active in the cannabis industry.

Fox was first introduced to weed as an adolescent, when her mother would bring home a couple of joints every few months to share with her friends. As she grew older, you’d find her breaking open a joint at family get-togethers, or she’d join one of her mom’s colleagues at a pot party.

Eventually, she moved up to smoking marijuana daily, and started using hashish as well. She says it helpedrama healthier sleep and lessened anxiety and depression symptoms.

She also noticed a boost in energy levels and self-confidence. Today, she is one of only few female CEOs in the cannabis industry.

Maria Belmarez

Maria Belmarezetta is a first-time cannabis entrepreneur. She founded a company to offer flower packages for her own homes, called Bloomsbury Floral.

But she has years of business experience in the legal cannabis industry, as she has helped run businesses for years. She currently runs an investment firm called Bloomshire Capital that helps small businesses grow their business and finances.

She says running a startup is hard work, but if you stick with it, it can be very rewarding. Maria says running a startup comes down to having the right people and resources available to you.

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