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With more and more states passing medical marijuana laws, and federal laws recognizing marijuana as a treatment for various conditions, California has no shortage of cannabis events and festivals. There are many types of cannabis events, from gathering with friends to learning about CBD vs. THC effects on the event goer.

Many people choose to attend cannabis events at the event itself, not so much for the weed but more for the community interaction and education. Some people even buy cannabis at events, especially those who are new to how Marijuana works.

Many learn about attending an event that has alcohols being served though not everyone wants to sit in a beer gut or two after a long day of weed and alcohols make you really thirsty!

This article will go into detail on some upcoming cannabis events in California where attendees can enjoy both adult use and medical marijuana.

Cannabis Cup

cannabis events and festivals in California

The Cannabis Cup is a prestigious event designed to educate and entertain people about cannabis. It happens every year at different cities throughout the country.

The cup is a banquet where people are introduced to different strains and ways to consume cannabis. There is music, educational panels, and of course, the awards ceremony.

It is an exciting event to watch as there are always new strains to try. There are usually one or two per year that are worth sharing and are awarded at the festival or Cup.

Some states even hold National Cups so people from other countries can attend and learn about what events were winners.

4th Annual Potlandia

cannabis events and festivals in California

Potlandia is back! The annual 4-day extravaganza celebrates all things cannabis and fun, where you can enjoy marijuana at various events.

The event takes place in April, beginning on April 2 with the Potlandia Kickoff Event at the Meadowbridge Mall in Matura, CA. This is an informative program that teaches attendees about how to use marijuana safely and effectively.

Following the Kickoff Event, attendees attend several daily cannabis events at Potlandia. These include competitions, educational programs, and of course, a pot-celebration event where everyone gets high together.

On Saturday morning, there is a parade that takes place around noon outside of the pot shop.

Harvest Festival: A High Time for the Valley

cannabis events and festivals in California

The Harvest Festival is a two-day celebration of cannabis, fun, community and family. The festival takes place in March or April throughout California, including several sites in the Valley.

The event is productionally centered with multiple stages and events surrounding cannabis. There are tons of activities for kids as well as for adults.

There are food and drink vendors, games and contests, a creative art show, music performances, a medical marijuana dispensary conference presentation area and more.

All of this is integrated into a single large festival with lots of different ways to experience it.

The Emerald Bowl 2017

cannabis events and festivals in California

The Emerald Bowl 2017 is set to take place on January 2-4, at Cal State Long Beach.

The game science event will feature top NCAA D-I and D-II coaches facing off in a competitive match. The event is supported by the National lawn bowling league and Helmets for Health, a national organization that helps address Head and Neck Cancer through research.

During the match, players will use scientific principles to create strategies for winning games. These principles include how much territory a team controls, how well you do in that control, and how well you do as a team.

Tickets are still available for $15 through ticketmaster, so if you are looking to see some of the latest game science strategies please look into hosting an event at your school or venue.

7th Annual Hollyweed Party 2017

cannabis events and festivals in California

The seventh annual Hollyweed Party will be held on March 25, 2017 at Nomad X Resort & Spa in San Diego. The event will feature a marijuana parade, music and cultural events, as well as a high-dose cannabis club event.

Participating bands include the Notionettes, Tones of Peace, and Rasta Sistas. Other festivities include a costume contest and children’s event.

The club event features low doses of THC to help with sleep issues. People attending are asked to refrain from other drugs and alcohol to ensure a safe party environment.

All types of participants are invited to attend this party, from newbie attendees to advanced growers.

International Cannabis Business Conference 2017

cannabis events and festivals in California

International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) is a four-day event that focuses on all things cannabis. ICBC runs a series of conferences around the world, providing a structured space for business meetings and education.

ICBC is held in January every year, making it the perfect time to visit. It is located in San Francisco, California and has been hosting the event since 1998. This makes it one of the longest running events focused on business opportunities surrounding cannabis.

Being part of an elite group of professional investors who use cannabis, will make youreventhlemore fashionable than others who do not. There will be those who do not consume drugs due to social norms and stereotypes, but for those who do not feel like they are being professional, there are ways to gain legitimacy in the industry.

Featured at ICBC 2017 were hundreds of speakers from around the world who spoke about their businesses including Mark Klepetsas from Company X & Company Y.

2nd Annual 420 Games 2018

cannabis events and festivals in California

The second annual 420 Games will take place on April 19th, 2018 at the San Jose State University in San José, CA. This event is for all levels of athletes and non-athletes alike.

Attendees will compete in various games designed to induce a relaxed and fun environment to enjoy cannabis. Some of these games include: cook-ins,LAN parties,videoconferences,andofcourse,hash-to-healsessions.

This event is not just for stoners,but rather for those looking for a fun way to relax and enjoy their cannabis.

420 Eve 2018

cannabis events and festivals in California

A distinctive event celebrated worldwide on April 18 is the celebration of the dawn with coffee and cigarettes. The event is known as Wake & Bake and has been going for several years.

Wake & Bake is an experience created for those who are new to cannabis or experienced users. The event includes a coffee and cigarette breakfast, an afternoon of networking and educational panels, a specialty cannabis industry bake sale, and a late night celebration.

This event is very popular so you should go early! Registration links are on the event page so start then.

Another noteworthy 420-related event is 4:20 Briefing This brief conference-like event takes place right before sunrise on April 20th with the same events as above.

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