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As the fastest growing major economy in the world, Asia will play a prominent role in the future of cannabis. As more countries around the world adopt cannabis as a medical treatment, access to quality products is critical.

As countries adopt modern production methods such as grow rooms or vertical farms, they require standards for quality control. Grower training and standards are important to ensure a diverse and affordable product.

The rapid adoption of technology in modern society is difficult to handle. Providing quality control and marketing subsample are extremely difficult when only one state uses cannabis as medicine, but must market their product nationally to achieve sales.

This article will explore some of the new products emerging from California to satisfy consumer demand as they change over time.

Cannabis tourism

As more and more countries legalize marijuana, demand grows.ossomands are beginning to experiment with new ways to consume the drug, including private cannabis clubs.

In March 2018, Canada became the first country in the world to officially legalize recreational marijuana, making it accessible for purchase to anyone over the age of 21. As people continue to explore ways to consume cannabis, California is a leading state in terms of innovation.

A number of companies are developing products and technologies that will change how we consume cannabis. Some of these innovations will make us all very happy and others may cause a collective shrug, but all will be worth it in the end.

These trends may last for only a few months before they die out, however. As with any hard drug, withdrawal can be brutal. If you are interested in trying something new at a club or event with others, keep an eye out for upcoming events.


As cannabis grows in popularity, more people are looking for ways to use it. This growing demand has led to increased research on cannabis and drug abuse alike.

Some people have found that small amounts of cannabis can be beneficial, even life-changing. While this is not for everyone, some find it convenient or easy to take.

For those who prefer the capsules or tablets, there are now companies that make them for you. You can shop these readily available online or at your local dispensary. Many companies offer trial versions so you can know what your needs may be before you make a decision to buy.

There are many ways to microdose CBD, so here we will not go into much detail here. We will just say that if you want a little CBD but don’t want to take the full drops or vapes, this is the way to do it.

Edible products

There are over 200 cannabis-based compounds, called cannabinoids, including both plant and synthetic versions. Many of these compounds have potential application in consumer products.

Some of these new Categories of products are cannabidiol (CBD) supplements, tinctures and oils used as a liquid medication, and even flavored vape juice.

As the number of cannabinoid compounds increase, so does the chance for companies to develop products that contain CBD or another cannabinoid. Many see this as an opportunity to cash in on the legalization movement without having to focus on CBD content.

This has had some success as more people begin to look for CBD in their products due to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter making it easy to search for new products.


Over the past few years, a number of new drugs have been developed that are aimed at treating illnesses caused by cannabis. These drugs are called pharmaceuticals and are intended for use when traditional remedies do not work.

Many of these medications are used in combination with each other, so some people must be treated with two different drugs to get the full benefit.

Some of these combinations have worked well, and people who are severely ill can receive a steady dose of medication to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

These combinations usually include anti-depressants like SSRIs (selective serotonin-releasing drugs), pain relievers, anti-inflammatories, and sometimes mood stabilizers. All of these have been found to work in conjunction with cannabis to help treat symptoms.

Retail impacts

Recent trends emerging within the cannabis industry are focused around retail operations. Companies are developing their own stores to serve specific needs and promote their product line.

This is a successful marketing strategy as new stores can help build brand recognition and increase sales! Many newer cannabis brands use this model to launch their product line and increase sales production-wise.

Many of these newfangled retail models rely on having a large inventory of products to sell, as well as high production levels to justify the inventory size.

If a store does not have enough product for everyone who wants it, they may turn some away due to lack of supply! This has caused some stores to overextend themselves, which may harm safety or create safety hazards for employees.

The influence of brands

As cannabis becomes more widely consumed, brands are paying more attention to it. Due to its growing popularity, many brand are developing new products intended for consumption including edibles, drinks, and vapors.

Many of these new products are designed with a targeted audience in mind. For example, certain brands have created appealing products like cookies and chocolate bars while others have designed concentrate kits intended for vaporization.

Because of the target audience nature of new products, they can be very cost effective for a company to develop. According to, individuals spent an average of $70 on cannabis-related products in 2017 but that number has risen to over $100 this year!

Another trend emerging from California is the introduction of plant-based foods and diets. Many people find cannabis-related products high in fat and sugar which do not appear to be healthy habits when considering sustainability.

Cannabis marketing

Increased cannabis marketing has been a response to the changing landscape of cannabis. Being more visible in front of consumers is an attempt to educate them about the product and what it can do for them.

Many companies are using social media and traditional media to advertise their products. Using live video streaming is a popular ad format for advertising, due to its popularity between viewers and ad revenue.

Ads that feature people or things that seem interesting or interesting themselves are common in video ads. Since people watch online videos on their phones or computers, being able to put strong ads on very well may be valuable revenue sharing between the company and viewers.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency-related ads seem to always feature someone or some thing that is financially-relevant, which is another way of getting attention. These types of ads are hard to not attract attention to, making them favorite ads by viewers.

Gender and cannabis

As more states legalize cannabis, questions arise about gender. Are men and women different about drugs and social behavior?

Many speculate that legalizing cannabis will impact gender norms, but recent research does not confirm this.

Recent research from the University of California-Berkeley confirms that women use cannabis more often than men, but men and women use CBD-rich products in low numbers. This suggests that there is no clear gender role for users of CBD-rich products.

As more people discover the benefits of CBD-rich products, demand increases for individuals of both genders. People who don’t typically consume drugs are discovering how beneficial CBD is because of California’s policies on medical marijuana.

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