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As we know, cannabis can be consumed in many ways-dabs, tinctures, edibles, topicals, etc.-and how you consume it can make a difference in how it impacts your overall health and wellness.

Many people use marijuana to treat pain; others enjoy it for its relaxing effects. Others perceive cannabis as an effective medicine that has little or no side effects.

There are several different theories about what makes up the “spirit” of cannabis. Many say it is due to the phytocannabinoids (or plant cannabinoids) present in the resin, but some believe it is from the terpenes that grow along with the phytocembranes.

No matter which theory you agree with, one thing is clear: The more you know about the potential benefits of cannabis, the better sense you will have of whether it is worth trying out or not.

It may also help you identify the specific product or products that work best for you.

This article will discuss several possible reasons why cannabis can strengthen your spirituality, and suggest strategies for practicing yoga while using cannabis. But first, let us look at the three main components of the spirit of cannabis.

Three Important Components Of The Spirit Of Weed

The term “spirt” comes from the word “spiration,” which refers to the process by which liquids such as water move through plants and air.

History of cannabis and spirituality

As mentioned earlier, marijuana has been used for tens of thousands of years as a medicine or ritual object to enhance spiritual experience. The ancient Egyptians considered smoking weed a way to connect with the divine spirit. They also mixed it with oils to use as an ointment or salve to soothe wounds or heal broken skin.

The Romans were well aware of the psychoactive effects of cannabis and cultivated it in their temples as part of religious practices. After all, they called it “heaven’s grass.”

In India, there are many legends about how the god Shiva consumed his favorite food, ganja (marijuana), before creating the universe. This inspired Hindu worshipers to blend marijuana into milk drinks and ingest them as snacks or beverages.

Cannabis is likewise associated with various Buddhist concepts. For example, some say that consuming cannabis can help you find inner stillness and silence, which are essential components of meditation.

Many people perceive pot to be totally secular, but actually, it plays an important role in several religions. Many consider it to be completely acceptable because it was once used in religious ceremonies.

Health benefits of cannabis for your mind and body

Cannabis and Spirituality: How Cannabis Can Enhance Your Spiritual Practice

Recent studies show that marijuana has powerful health benefits, both mental and physical. It may even have spiritual qualities as well!

Marijuana is often described as a “medicinal” herb, but this term – medical – seems to be more popularly applied in recent years.

This is because not only does it contain cannabinoids, active compounds with potential therapeutic effects, but many people now believe that the non-medical use of THC (the main psychoactive compound in cannabis) can actually contribute to chronic illness.

Chronic conditions such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, irritable bowel syndrome, and inflammatory diseases like psoriasis and lupus are some of the most common ailments for which people claim they find relief from cannabis.

These so called wellness remedies come with warnings, however, about possible complications including anxiety, panic attacks, paranoia, and confusion. This increased stress can potentially make symptoms of these illnesses worse, instead of helping to relieve them.

Cannabis can also interfere with how well certain medications work, and patients using prescription drugs may want to discuss any changes to medication or dosage with their doctor before smoking a joint.

Overall though, there are plenty of reasons to consider exploring alternative therapies like yoga, meditation, and cannabis. Here we will talk about some ways that cannabis can enhance your spirituality.

What is spirituality?

Defining what word to use for something depends mostly on where you get your definitions from.

Does cannabis make you more spiritual?

Cannabis and Spirituality: How Cannabis Can Enhance Your Spiritual Practice

Recent studies are suggesting that using marijuana may have some benefits for people who believe in spirituality. Some claim it can increase mindfulness, or conscious awareness of the present moment. Mental health professionals have noted an increased sense of calm when patients use cannabis.

A few studies even suggest that marijuana can help reduce stress levels and aid sleep. It has been used to treat anxiety and depression so these effects seem plausible.

Many individuals identify as having a spiritual practice or faith. This includes things like prayer, meditation, attending church services, and giving up alcohol is considered to be a way to live your life with less distractions and emphasis on God.

Although not all researchers agree about the possible benefits of pot for those who consider themselves spiritually-focused, most acknowledge that more research needs to done.

Do your spirituality and cannabis use influence each other?

Cannabis and Spirituality: How Cannabis Can Enhance Your Spiritual Practice

While some people use marijuana to relax or because it helps them focus, there are also those who enjoy smoking weed for its rich history as a sacred substance.

There you have it — more than just drugs that can be used in an alternative way to connect with God. For many individuals, practicing yoga while high is one of the best ways to integrate cannabis into their daily life.

Yoga has been around since before most people were born, so there are plenty of teachers and resources available no matter when you start. Even if you’re not quite ready to do yoga yet, you can still reap benefits from incorporating this meditation practice into your routine.

Are there certain strains of cannabis that are more spiritual?

Cannabis and Spirituality: How Cannabis Can Enhance Your Spiritual Practice

Certain marijuana strains can help you find your inner spirit or at least acknowledge what spirits you already have to connect with. These specific strains are called spiritually oriented, sacred medicine, divine weed, or just plain high-quality marijuana.

Research shows that some marijuana strains reduce anxiety and stress levels. Others increase happiness and mood. Some promote sleep, while others keep people awake.

Some believe that smoking ritualized amounts of purified CBD may even aid in weight loss. You get all of these benefits from just one hit!

There is an emerging field studying how medicinal cannabinoids interact with endocannabinoid systems (ECS) throughout your body. The ECS regulates many functions, such as pain perception, sleep, appetite, and immune system function.

When you use cannabis products that contain CBD, those effects are typically enhanced. That’s because CBD acts like a natural cannabinoid that binds to receptor sites in your brain and other organs where endocannabinoids normally reside.

Will I get high off of my spirituality?

Cannabis and Spirituality: How Cannabis Can Enhance Your Spiritual Practice

No, not necessarily! Just like any other substance, cannabis can still have profound effects on you when used in appropriate amounts and for appropriate times.

Just because something is considered “psychedelic” or “mind altering” does not mean that it will always promote external thoughts and experiences. For some people, silence is more powerful than music.

Many traditions contain practices such as meditation or prayer. You can easily incorporate these into your daily routine by using cannabis as a tool to enhance your spiritual practice.

There are many ways to use marijuana for this purpose, from smoking alone to practicing yoga while doing so. The important thing to remember about how to use cannabis for spirituality is that if it’s not making you feel relaxed and happy, then it’s probably not working.

It may also be because you’re not actively engaged in positive thinking and feelings.

Can I get arrested for my spirituality?

Cannabis and Spirituality: How Cannabis Can Enhance Your Spiritual Practice

As we have seen, cannabis can help you connect with your inner self or spirit. For some people, this connection is more apparent than others, but all of us have something within us that connects us to the source.

Many cultures believe there’s a direct link between the soul and nature. In fact, many spiritual traditions use natural substances like marijuana as part of their practice.

Cannabis isn’t the only plant used in spirituality, however. There are also psychedelic drugs such as LSD and psilocybin (the active ingredient in “magic” mushrooms).

Because they distort perception, these psychedelics are usually administered by trained professionals under controlled conditions. This helps prevent individuals from abusing them and creating potential physical or psychological dependence.

However, because psychedelics can alter perception, understanding how they affect individual users can still be helpful. People who use psychedelics regularly may find it helpful to discuss your personal effects with other users or experts.

What should I do if I want to combine my spirituality and cannabis?

Cannabis and Spirituality: How Cannabis Can Enhance Your Spiritual Practice

As discussed earlier, using marijuana is not inherently spiritual or non-spiritual. It can be used for fun, self-care, expression, and meditation. Depending on your level of faith, religion, and beliefs, smoking weed can be an incredible way to connect with deity and spirit.

There are several ways you can use cannabis in connection with spirituality. For example, practicing yoga while under the influence of CBD or THC can boost relaxation and mindfulness. People who practice Buddhism may ingest cannabis as part of their daily ritual. Others enjoy growing their own plants or choosing specific strains that promote spirituality.

Some people add drops of liquid cannabis oil into water and drink it before performing religious practices such as prayer or chanting. There are even individuals who burn sage (the natural smoke made from rolling leaves together) during ceremonies. All of these have the same purpose: connecting directly with the divine source of energy.

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