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California is an exciting place to live, work, and visit. There are numerous cities throughout the state that are a dream to visit, and one of these cities for cannabis enthusiasts is San Francisco.

San Francisco is known for its nontraditional approach to city governance and planning. It does not have a traditional government body responsible for developing policy, however. Instead, the city council sets policy using their powers as representatives of the people.

The city has a plan called “Metropolitan Area Planning” that forms a blueprint for growth in the region. This planning uses data to predict future needs and locations that can meet them.

Find your bud

After you have visited the beach, it is time to find your cannabis. Most people find them by going down the street to enjoy the beach and enjoying their products!

Cannabis cultivation is in a mild phase of growth right now, so there are very few places where you can reliably find some. However, due to the legalization of cannabis in many states, more and more people are being introduced to this product as a way to relax or reduce stress.

If you want more intense effects or a more recreational approach to cannabis, you should go for an outdoors setting where you can get your fix without too much threat of weatherization or over consumption.

Bring your board

Sublime Sunsets: Experience California's Best Cannabis-Enhanced Beach Escapades

A board is not required, but it is strongly suggested. Most spots offer a few board training courses so you can get some familiarity with the waterboard before heading out.

Many beaches have enforced restrictions on what kinds of boards and motorboats you can use, so having a backup option is helpful. It also gives you another day to surf!

Ifyou don’t have a board, there are many safe places to rent one. Most rental companies offer some kind of training and how to use it on the beach or at a facility.

There are also online boards where you can get tips from others about how to be safe in the water.

Bring your ball

Sublime Sunsets: Experience California's Best Cannabis-Enhanced Beach Escapades

A volleyball, beach toys, and a few games are all you need to enjoy this entertaining activity.

Cannabis-enhanced beach experiences aren’t new. There have been a few over the years, but recently they have been getting more widespread.

Many resorts and parks offer these, and if not, they can be organized at the park or resort.

They typically last around an hour per person, so it is a quick experience that gets you some exercise and pleasure-seeking.

Pack your pipe

Sublime Sunsets: Experience California's Best Cannabis-Enhanced Beach Escapades

If you are looking for an ultimate way to enjoy the beach, then you should consider smoking a cannabis-infused vape pen or vape cartridge. These devices can be bought online or in most drugstores, however they must be filled with e-Liquid first.

Cannabis-infused liquids are typically sold as vape pens, which look almost identical to regular cigarettes. They are inserted into the device and charged before use, so there is no actual charge of the liquid inside.

The advantage of using a pen is that you do not have to worry about getting perfume onto your hands and smelling up the place when you smoke it. You can also control how strong the dose is because of how little liquid you have to hold on to.

Try a vape pen

Sublime Sunsets: Experience California's Best Cannabis-Enhanced Beach Escapades

A vape pen is the perfect way to enjoy cannabis. Most are analog and require you to load a cartridge with CBD or another cannabinoid before you can use it.

Vape pens are very convenient as you can now! You can hold it in your hands, handle it against your skin, and know that it is being absorbed into your body. It also allows you to change the concentration of CBD that you desire, which is one of the reasons that vape pens are so popular.

Eat a golden apple

Sublime Sunsets: Experience California's Best Cannabis-Enhanced Beach Escapades

A golden apple is one of the most ancient symbols of wisdom. So why not eat one?

A golden apple is a symbol of purity and goodness. It was once customary in England to place a gold apple at the entrance to a newly married couple‘s bedside table to signify their future together.

So, if you’re ever outdoors in sunset-drenched California’s Del Norte County, you may as well enjoy an authentic old-fashioned golden apple at the beach!

There are many theories about how the yellowish fruit came to be called a goldenapple, but the truth is likely simpler than that.

Drink some chardonnay

Sublime Sunsets: Experience California's Best Cannabis-Enhanced Beach Escapades

Chardonnay is a beautiful, clear white wine with golden highlights. It is named after the grape, but it does not belong in wine production.

Chardonnay is not a typical wine-type beverage. It is typically featured as an accompaniment to foods or as a drinking vessel. This is true for Chardonnay as well!

As its name suggests, this versatile wine is best enjoyed in the summer months, when the sun is out more often. Chardonnay has always been known for being calming and/or soothing to the mind and body. This may be something to focus on when enjoying it!

One of the benefits of drinking chardonnay is that it helps promote relaxation. Because it containsquaharits such as wetness and cooling, it promotes a state of relaxation and cooling.

Enjoy your cannabis separately

Sublime Sunsets: Experience California's Best Cannabis-Enhanced Beach Escapades

You can still enjoy California’s best cannabis adventures without visiting the beach! While the beach is a popular destination, many people choose to do this independently as there are no Coterie of Nines rules for enjoying the beach.

Many cannabis tour groups meet at a local restaurant or bar to share stories and prepare for your visit to Coterie of Nines. Most have ongoing lessons and/or staff-led training events to help you get ready for your trip.

If you are looking for something more low-key, some groups go snorkeling or just hang out by the water instead of doing a beach visit.

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