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A leisurely coffee or smoke session, a scenic smoke is an appropriate way to spend a mid-day or afternoon. There are many locations where you can find a scenic smoke, or even a group smoke.

A smoke house is typically found in parks and public places such as schools and businesses. The seats are typically identified by their color and purpose such as green for tea or blue for coffee.

The purpose is to create a relaxing environment where people can socialize and get away from it all thoughts. It is often decorated with items related to the product they are smoking such as news articles, marketing materials, or even product packaging.

Scenic smokes are a type of lounge where people go to enjoy the scenery of something they’re looking at or hearing but also to relax and get away from it all thoughts.

The New Amsterdam Cafe

Scenic Smokes: A Guide to California's Most Picturesque Cannabis Lounges

New Amsterdam is a California-inspired café, lounge, and cannabis social club that makes use of floor-to-ceiling windows to create a bright and spacious environment.

There are many reasons to visit New Amsterdam, but the most important one is to enjoy the scenery that surrounds you. You will be amazed at the number of beautiful places you will pass by as you enjoy your meal and coffee or tea.

This relaxing atmosphere is what attracted so many people to New Amsterdam prior to its opening. Once they opened their eyes, they immediately fell in love with the environment and their new home.

The interior of New Amsterdam is completely customizable. You can choose wood furniture or leather seats, add art work or not, and have a plain or high chair.-!.+>

New Amsterdam offers several kinds of drinks and snacks to keep your appetite satisfied and your legs cozy.

Amber Lounge

Scenic Smokes: A Guide to California's Most Picturesque Cannabis Lounges

With a name like The Wingding, you might expect a smokehouse to be filled with eagles flapping their wings, not lounges. But instead of overlooking a lake or river, visitors to the Silva Lake-based lounge are servedviewscreenss of things from a water to a plane.

Yet despite the wisps of clouds and planes that serve as screens, The Wingding is not just about looking at things. Rather, visitors come here to relax and enjoy the experience of being surrounded by all kinds of media.

The centerpiece of the club is a large viewscreen that faces everyone in the room. Next to it is a wet-sauna-like screen that allows people to relax while they sit or stand in front of it. It also has a hanging lamp that can be used as either lights or shades.

Then there is the floor-to-ceiling TV which can be turned on for media members or attendees.

420 Central

Scenic Smokes: A Guide to California's Most Picturesque Cannabis Lounges

When asked what is best about California’s cannabis lounges, most contributors mentioned the seclusion and socialization-free nature of them.

Other than maybe a bar, there is no other type of stimulus required at a cannabis lounge. You can spend your time doing what you want or talking to friends or anyone you meet up with as a group.

This is great for those who want some down time but also want something relaxing and non-competitive. Some people even prefer it that way!

With cannabis lounges being so popular in California, it is important to know where to find them near you.

The Wingding

Scenic Smokes: A Guide to California's Most Picturesque Cannabis Lounges

The wingding is a modestly sized smoke lounge with five rooms and a courtyard. Their main room has a long wooden table with chairs around it and is designated as the main lounge area. The other four rooms are smaller additional lounges around the larger one.

The five rooms are separated by color (red, white, blue, green, and orange) and those colors correspond to the materials in the walls, floors, furniture, etc. This is intended to make people feel comfortable as they relax before or during their cannabis experience.

One of the most notable features of this smoke lounge is its water feature. When it is operating, you can watch how water drops move down a tube as it runs through an automatic sprinkler system. It looks like something out of an animated movie!

Wielding many advantages over more traditional workplaces, cannabis clubs have been cropping up in recent years. What makes them so special? Membership involves limited-time membership fees that give members special privileges such as exclusive access to certain themed areas where they can cool off and discuss their experiences with cannabis.

Herban Exile

Scenic Smokes: A Guide to California's Most Picturesque Cannabis Lounges

Herban Exile is a unique cannabis lounge in the heart of downtown San Francisco. Built with hospitality and wellness in mind, Herban Exile provides generous space to relax and enjoy a pleasant experience.

Herban Exile is located in the heart of one of San Francisco’s hottest neighborhoods, Inner City SF. This district is home to beautiful historic buildings as well as trendy new ones.

At Herban Exile, you can expect an outdoor patio where you can enjoy your beverage or smoke-a-fixated products are also available at the store. The interior has relaxing wood accents and big sofas for group relaxations.

Paradise Lounge

Scenic Smokes: A Guide to California's Most Picturesque Cannabis Lounges

Paradise is a relaxed, comfortable lounge that lets you do away with distractions. You can look at the water droplets in the ceiling or the clouds that pass by outside. You can also look at the people or places that have benefitted from their business practices.

Paradise was founded by individuals that have a solid reputation as nice people. They believe in treating everyone fairly and doing what is best for customers in business and community alike.

Their goal is to create a calm environment where people can unwind and enjoy their experience. They offer some great games and activities to keep people entertained. By using their lounge as a base, you will be able to access all of these things.

The interior is decorated in soft shades of green and brown, which represent their community-oriented goals.

Capital H Medical Club

Scenic Smokes: A Guide to California's Most Picturesque Cannabis Lounges

A rare find in downtown Los Angeles, the Capital H Medical Club has earned a reputation as one of the city’s most scenic cannabis lounges.

The plush, wood-paneled room is decorated in cool, understated ways with plenty of featured products and classic themes. You will also find staff members and other club members familiarly dressed in jeans and a tee, not always prominent fashion traits for a relaxing lounge.

This is not typical cannabis culture type style lounge attire found at other lounges where you will see tight pants and long sleeves typically worn by firefighters or police officers. No, here it is popular wear with those in the industry or with people looking to relax and be more productive at work.

Theappointed principal owner of the Capital H Medical Club has spent his life sharing information about health and wellness through his organization. That is what this non-profit meets is designed for as well.

Kush Collective

Scenic Smokes: A Guide to California's Most Picturesque Cannabis Lounges

The Kush Collective is a super popular California cannabis lounge. It specializes in kush, which is the drug of choice at this lounge.

Kush is a plant that contains THC content. When you consume it, you experience certain effects such as Euphoria, Drowsiness, and an emphasis on relaxation.

These three feelings are what make Kush so popular as a drug of choice. Many people find the aromas and sensations soothing as they enjoy a beverage or snack at the dispensary or kush club event.

Because of the popularity of the club, it can be difficult to book a space.

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