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Many people have heard of dabbing before, but they do not know how to properly do it. Some say that using a torch is the best way to begin, but there are many different types of torches out there!

There are two main things needed when beginning your cannabis-dabging career: A device to burn off the oil, and a glass pipe used to smoke the end product.

The first step in starting out as a professional cannabis connoisseur is learning how to use a basic oven or dryer burner to vaporize the marijuana. After this, you can move onto more advanced equipment like Volcano style devices or manual heating systems such as hand rigs.

This article will go into detail about both of these beginner level setups so that anyone can get started! Read on for tips and tricks on how to start experimenting with cannabis oils today.

Apply the dabbing method

How to dab cannabis correctly

There are several different ways to do cannabis dabs or joints. Some people prefer one over the other, but they all have one thing in common — quality marijuana!

Whatever style you choose to make your own dabs, there is an important step that must be done. This article will discuss the most efficient way to take solid dried weed material and create a good joint or dab. Read on for more information!

2) Add oil

Many people use olive oil as the medium to work with when making cannabis oils. That is not wrong at all, it just requires some experimenting to find the best ratio of oil to plant matter.

The key is finding the right amount of oil needed to properly blend the substance together while keeping it usable to smoke or vaporize. Too much oil can result in greasy hands which may hurt your health by sticking to your mouth and throat.

Too little oil can cause poor combustion (the process of smoking where oxygen and air get mixed into the bong load), creating nothing but hot flames and ashes. This cannot satisfy the user!

3) Use a tool to prepare your roll-up

Some users like to use their teeth to pull off small pieces of the plant matter before rolling up the stick. This helps ensure even burners from both touch points (where the tobacco touches the heat source) and flavor contributors such as phytocannabinoids.

Use a proper dabbing tool

How to dab cannabis correctly

When your first try at dabbing ends in you burning down your mouth, trying using a nail file as suggested or putting hot water into your device as advised, it is time to invest in some better equipment!

There are many types of tools used for dabs that can make a big difference in how well your joints are prepared and smoked.

A good all-around tool is a torch. These have an adjustable heat source designed to be touched easily without leaving burnt fingerprints which could burn your hand or skin your smoke off. Some even come with built-in bongs!

These torches are very expensive, but they will last forever if used properly. They also make great party supplies since they work just as well as more advanced devices while being much less expensive.

Know the different types of dabs

People often get mixed up when it comes to cannabis dabbing. Some feel that all vape pens are for smoking weed, so they go ahead and use their device to vaporize oils or tinctures instead. This is not the case!

Dab rigs are very specific tools designed to work specifically with dry herb. These have a glass tube where you put your dried marijuana material, a heating element, and a atomizer (for vaping) or torch (for burning).

There are two main categories of cannabis dab equipment: oil bombs and stickies. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Know the different types of containers

How to dab cannabis correctly

There are two main categories for how people organize their cannabis. Dry-method users prepare your weed by using either an oven or a dryer (like the ones used to bake bread). This method requires you to use a glass jar as a drying container, and can take up to hours in conditions where there is a lot of moisture in the pot.

Dry-method smoking usually does not require any additional equipment beyond a stove or grill! You just need to make sure that your mouth is covered during the process to prevent inhalation.

The second common way to consume marijuana is called “dabs.” People who dab use special rigs with heat sources and ceramic cookware designed to vaporize the plant material without burning it. These rigs are attached to a torch style device that contains a liquid solution which then gets heated up.

Buy your dabs in small quantities

How to dab cannabis correctly

It is not worth spending lots of money on expensive dab equipment if you are just going to overdo it by using too much cannabis-infused oil during your dab sessions.

Dabbing can easily cost around $20 per hit, depending on how good you are at doing them. Buying very cheap or even free dab tools will only disappoint you as they do not work well.

Regular users should stick to buying their marijuana dried flower instead of investing in heavily in other parts.

Store your dabs properly

How to dab cannabis correctly

Storing your cannabis in an appropriate place is essential for ensuring it does not get wasted! If you have to, you can always use plastic bags or containers to keep your dab balls safe and secure.

Make sure that they are hermetic (or airtight) so that no moisture or oxygen gets inside. This will prevent any chemical reactions from happening and potentially ruining the rest of your dab ball.

Also, make sure that they are labeled correctly to ensure you do not mix up one marijuana product with another.

Know the different cannabis strains

How to dab cannabis correctly

There are several ways to use cannabis, and what kind of user you want to be depends mostly on which strain is right for you! Certain types of users prefer one product over another depending on their effects.

Some people enjoy smoking flower (the whole plant form) or hashish, but both of these require more preparation and equipment than most people have at home.

Thicker oils are used in dabs, so they can take longer to burn completely, leaving some unburned oil in your mouth and potentially creating an uncomfortable experience for someone who has regular teeth. If there’s leftover oil in the container, it could also hurt yourself or others if it comes into contact with liquid.

Because marijuana plants contain many compounds that may have unique effects when heated or burnt, knowing the differences between them is very important. The best way to do this is by experimenting with different products!

There are many resources available online and through dispensaries and catalogues that list all of the cannabinoids and other chemicals in each part of the plant. People vary in how much information they gather about cannabis, so make sure to evaluate how well informed you are before trying something new!

General rules apply when using any type of smokeable material: know the ingredients, practice safety first, and determine the appropriate amount for your personal use.

Know the different levels of THC

How to dab cannabis correctly

As mentioned before, there are two main components in cannabis- THC and CBD. Both contain chemical compounds that work together to produce their effects!

Until now we have focused only on CBD but there is another compound called tetrahydrocannabinol (or just “THC” for short).

This compound comes with one additional hydrogen atom so it is sometimes referred to as dihydrotranbolcanninone or simply trancarbobinol.

However you want to refer to it, this compound is what makes marijuana get you high! The more THC in the pot, the higher your weed will make you feel.

There are actually several different forms of THC, depending on how many hydrogens they contain. These different forms all have their own name and effect when smoked or ingested.

The most well known form of THC is Tetrahydrocannabinol (TET), commonly know as THCa. This is the kind you probably learned about back in middle school when you studied cannabinoids.

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