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For decades, cannabis enthusiasts have celebrated cannabis with flowers, fruits, and grains. Today, there are hundreds of cannabis products to choose from, all of which can be enjoyed.

Some of these items are complete meals built to promote weight loss and others are just nice to look at. Regardless of the product’s intended use, all seem to provide some sort of cannabinoids or compounds.

For example, baking with cannabidiol (CBD) seems appealing because it does not seem to produce any adverse effects for most people. Others enjoy the taste of hemp extract or how it makes other foods taste. Still others just like the fact that it is not a scheduled substance and can receive the same treatment as someone without an affiliation with it.

Must-have accessories for every connoisseur include tinctures, grinders/coarses, water pipes, vaporizer tools, and concentrate scales/concentrates.

Cannabis vaporizer

A cannabis vaporizer is one of the must-have accessories for every connoisseur. While not a essential part of the Elevate Your Experience system, a quality, reliable vaporizer can make the difference between a pleasant experience and a true high.

There are many ways to use a vaporizer. Some users turn to them in vaped oil, or more commonly known as hash oil. The easiest way to begin using a vaporizer is by placing some hash oil in the device and turning it on. Once it is heated, you can smoke!

A good indicator of how well your vaporizer temperature is is by how much ash it produces. If there is very little or none, then the temperature is too cold or too hot.

Must-have accessories for every connoisseur include spare parts, oils, and devices.

Compartments for your cannabis

Most people find a problem with how quickly their marijuana is wasting. If you are a frequent buyer, you know how fast it can go down, especially with some things.

Some products are designed to last longer than others. If you are looking into acquiring a product that is designed to last longer, look into purchasing a discounted product plan. This will help pay for the initial purchase price for the product and give you more money to spend on additional products down the road.

For example, if you buy one ounce of cannabis per week, it would be worth having a two-week plan so that you would only buy one ounce every Thursday and Saturday instead of every day. This would save money in monthly fees over time!

Must have accessories include extra weed seeds and grinders, travel marijuanabooks, or inconspicuous pen & paper for writing your notes.

Storage containers

If you are going to be growing your own, or if you are taking care of a homely cannabis plant, then you should think about keeping your plants and tools in storage containers.

Grows can be stressful, especially if you have an impatient plant. If it is not stored correctly, it can even cause root damage or stem rot.

If you have a large plant that cannot fit in one container, get two small ones that can be put in parallel to prevent root rot. Having all of these in a safe place will help save time and effort when trying to grow more.


Grinders are a must-have accessory for anyone who enjoys elevated experience while creating cannabis products. Grinders break down plant matter into tiny pieces that can be processed by the device’s motor.

By working with the device’s grinding mechanism, users can create multiple levels of dust and finely crushed plant matter in their products. This is particularly useful for fans of whole herbs or consumers who want pure CBD without any other compounds.

Many devices feature built-in grinders, but they can be cumbersome to use. A personal grinder is a must-have accessory to make using such a device easy and fun. Users can also purchase specialized travel grinders so that they do not lose them at home or at the studio where they take their products and shows.


When it comes to preparing your cannabis, removing paint or wax from a board and trimming around an area is the best way to start. There are many online resources for companies and products, so don’t be afraid to try out new ones!

When doing trimming, keep in mind which end you want to have. If you want the bottom of the plant end, you will need a scissors that has a shorter length there. If you want the top of the plant end, have a scissors with a longer length there.

Another tip is to buy pairs of scissors: One pair for normal cutting and one for really sharp cuts. I know it seems like an extra step, but it saves you from having to start either with or without which goes away with time.

Must-have cannabis accessories include painting or waxing your own plants, group project supplies like boards or containers to store your work, and safety gear when doing surgery on plants.

Cutting board

While some people love having nothing to do while smoking a joint or two, most first time cannabis smokers find it helpful to have some kind of surface on which to put the marijuana.

This can be as simple as a breakfast cereal box or coffee table book, as long as it is clean and not covered in smoke! Most recently, people have been using dining room tables and/or kitchen counters to store and/or use their cannabis.

You do not have to have any of these things if you do not, but you may remember having them when you did. This is for sure worth it!

No matter what type of cannabis smoking you do (cigar vs vape), having some kind of surface that is clean and non-smooched on can be the difference between enjoying your joint and vomiting it up due to the smell or texture.


Having a marijuana lighter is a must for any cannabis enthusiast. Even if you never use a marijuana lighter before, you should get this one because it is different from all the other lighters out there.

Lighters are an important item to have in your life because they can change how you use paper and gas-based products. A marijuana lighter can be used for many things, from putting out a small flame to making sure your burned leaves and flowers are evenly spread out.

Many companies manufacture quality weed lighters, but they can be hard to find.


A pipe is probably the most overlooked piece of cannabis equipment. Most people try to buy the latest and greatest pipe they see on social media or in stores, and then they try it out for a couple of hours to see if it works for them.

If you love cigars, you know the challenge of trying to find a quality cigar every time you want one. Fortunately, there are some great pipes available that are high quality and good tasting.

Many beginners try one brand of pipe until they find something they like, but then they move onto another brand because it was better than the first one. The same thing goes for people who have already smoked several bowls on this one pipe!

It is important to find a pipe that is right for you based on your style, how much you smoke, and what kind of smoke you want type.

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