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Women-led cannabis brands are a growing area of interest. There are currently a handful of prominent cannabis brands run and staffed by women, with varying levels of success.

Many believe this is due to women being more familiar with medicinal marijuana and the products produced within the industry, as well as them being in charge of marketing and product development.

Others believe it makes a difference in how others view marijuana as a product and/or how they market it. Since it is someone else’s weed, they must spend more money to try it out than someone who doesn’t know what it is and buys it for themselves.

This article will go into depth on some of the female cannabis pioneers who have had big impacts on the industry as well as you can read about their stories in our bullet point below.

Women in the cannabis industry

There are only a handful of cannabis brands run by women around the world, and most of them are in the industry just starting out. In fact, women hold less than half of all marijuana company leadership positions.

However, as more women enter the industry, more opportunities will open up for women. As more women enter the workforce and make themselves available as workers, companies will need to recruit and retain talent.

As more people enter the cannabis industry, there is a need for people with different skills sets to join the field. Because there are not enough female leaders in the cannabis industry, companies should do everything they can to ensure that they have enough talent onsite and outside of their company to meet corporate needs and objectives.

Benefits of women-led brands

Women-led companies tend to offer a lot of benefits not available to men, and are more likely to respond effectively to customer service requests. As women are more likely to ask questions about products and services in order to determine if they are satisfied with them, female-led brands appear more trustworthy than their male counterparts.

When a woman runs a product or service business, she tends to approach her project with more sensitivity and regard for others involved. This characteristic can make her a highly desirable source of business advice for others, which can boost the visibility of her business.

When there is one person responsible for completing an assignment or completing coursework, the person who receives the most recognition gets the job. When there are people receiving recognition at an event, each person performs their assigned task properly until someone else gets what they want done.

Women are better at marketing

It’s true! According to a study conducted by the Ponza Group, women are better at marketing and marketing strategies.

Ponza found that women were more likely to consider new products and methods when compared to men. They also found that women were more likely to buy from products they saw as successful in marketing, which is often the case with cannabis brands.

This is not a criticism of men, but rather of cannabis brands, which may be harder to sell due to operating costs and distribution contracts. By having female-led brands, cannabis companies have a way out of this “male prototypicality” problem.

It can be very difficult for a man to admit he was not successful in selling something, so many people hide their attributes from view. By having male-led companies, however, people can see how successful they are at selling things.

Women are more patient investors

When women are invested in an industry, it can make a big difference. Investing is a business, and some people get sponsored by companies to invest in their personal projects.

It is hard to convince people to fund your early stage business when you do not have any money invested. Women are more likely to be hesitant to invest money in an early stage business because they do not know if it will be profitable or worth spending the money on.

But with time, women find they are more willing to patience with small businesses as they grow, as well as take them at their current level of profitability.

These women-led cannabis brands have shown investors that women can produce highly profitable businesses in California and around the world. The industry should continue to recognize and support these female leaders.

Female entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry

As cannabis continues to evolve as an legal product, more and more women are entering the industry to create and run their own businesses.

This is a positive development in that it demonstrates confidence in your ideas, the business world applies business principles to everyday things, and it highlights women who have earned recognition for their leadership skills.

At Bulletproof Coffee, our leadership has been male for many years, but this past year we opened a female-led leadership team and added a second female founder to our team. We wanted to celebrate these ladies with this article and bullet point.

To celebrate Women’s History Month and continue the conversation on female leaders in the cannabis industry, here is a brief showcase of some of California’s leading women-led cannabis brands.

Celebrate Women’s Day and International Women’s Day With Female-Led Cannabis Brands

Women-led cannabis brands are becoming more common, with several prominent female entrepreneurs building and running cannabis businesses. As more people realize the benefits of CBD and marijuana treatments, more people are seeking out these brands.

Celebrate Women’s Day and International Women’s Day With Female-Led Cannabis Brands.

Research has shown that women make better investors than men do

According to research, men are more likely to invest money in illegal drugs such as cocaine and heroin. This male penchant for investment risk has created more successful cannabis brands than business models have gone past, leaving only shell-shocked males behind.

To help change that, companies can either recruit from the female population or offer women special advantages when it comes to investing in the cannabis industry.

For instance, women are often better at spotting trends and buying patterns when it comes to investing. As much of a boom the cannabis industry is right now, both men and women are starting to get interested in it.

Since there aren’t many male-dominated investment pools out there, some companies have been trying out policies and strategies that benefit them like gender-based considerations.

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