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The cannabis industry is a large one, US states and Canada currently allowing for it to be regulated and created for use by people with various conditions. This number continues to grow everyday as more people are introduced to the concept and opportunities are created!

Many people in the industry are still in their late 20s and early 30s, making it a little bit of a “another thing I forgot about” kind of environment. You’re never alone wondering what next year will be like, but also wondering what next week will be like.

This is not a problem though; this constant change makes the industry resistant to any type of shift that might go under the term trend. As seen below, there are some trends that cannabis users go through every single year for some reason.

This article will talk about some recent trends that User-Reachers go through and explain why they do them.

Marketing for cannabis products

cannabis industry news and trends

There are a number of ways to market your product into the community. google adwords is a great way to start, you can add your own content or other brands as models if you are not an expert in the field.

Some models use their product as a means to earn money while others see it as an opportunity to share a positive message about cannabis and create community building. The choice is yours!

The community building aspect of cannabis marketing is key. You will not be successful at both sales and marketing if this part is missing! Your product or service should never be put through sales training because that is not what they are for- trained people cannot learn new things quickly.

It is always best to get help from someone outside your industry before trying sales training yourself.

Customers for cannabis products

cannabis industry news and trends

Now that you have your CBD product or service, the next step is to find the right customers. Companies that cater to specific types of customers are goldmine-filled.

There are hundreds of products out there, all with different prices and flavors. You should look into whether or not the product works for your situation before choosing a brand. Many claim it works, but few people use it consistently.

Bullet point: Quality should be kept in mind when finding customer’s. You do not want a product that is made of poor quality materials or one that does not work for your needs because you chose wrong material and/or one that did not keep the customer satisfied.

You want products that are durable, effective, and affordable for everyone. That way, people who need your product will come seeking it out.

Types of cannabis products

cannabis industry news and trends

There are several different types of cannabis products, each with its own distinctive taste, texture, and effects. Weed is often described as a savory food, so giving your daily dose a try is a good idea!

While there are many different types of cannabis, the most common type is hemp rather than marijuana. Marijuana has more THC content and consistency of product varying levels of THC and CBD. Hemp has only trace amounts of THC which makes it the perfect non-psychoactive compound.

Since hemp is still considered an illegal drug in many countries, many products are marketed as “not psychoactive” or “less powerful” than traditional marijuana products that have more THC.

Local businesses benefiting from legalization

cannabis industry news and trends

As seen in the tables below, several local businesses are using the new laws to their advantage. Many of them have increased sales due to increased awareness and demand for their products and services.

Some of these businesses include dispensaries, cannabis delivery services, medical marijuana dispensaries, and marijuana farming operations. Due to increased demand and sales, these businesses gain more power over who gets what product and price information.

For example, a seller at a local dispensary can now offer their product for more money than they could at a drug store or grocery store because of higher volume and sales.

This is where power turns into intimidation. An owner or operator of a cannabis farming operation may feel that they need to increase production to meet demand because they did not get enough early on in the law changes.

Challenges still existings regarding legalization

cannabis industry news and trends

Several challenges still exist in regards to cannabis legalization. These include: –

• Preventing children from accessoing cannabis, –

• Ensuring that people with mental health conditions do not have access to cannabis, and –

• Ensuring that people who are addicted to cannabis do not have access to it. These issues have created a big hole in the hearts of many people, including politicians.

Perhaps the biggest issue is ensuring that people who use drugs no longer face problems such as drug use aligning with cancer and HIV infection. People who use drugs can both attract and defeat cancer and other health issues. By having them accessible by law, issues can go unnoticed and unreacted upon.

The second issue is one of social justice. Cannabis has been legalized at a very high level, but not without controversy. By being so heavily regulated, there has been enough room for political maneuvering.

Education about cannabis

A large part of being in the cannabis industry is learning about cannabis and how to use it. There are many ways to consume cannabis including growing it, extracting CBD and THC from the flower, and learning about cannabinoid compounds.

While all aspects of cannabis are welcome into the educational system, schooling about marijuana is a big draw. Many schools offerIntroduction to Cannabis classes as well as more advanced Classes on Cannabis such as Medical Marijuana.

This series of classes educates students about marijuana and its applications but also introduces them to other drugs such as prescription narcotics that can be useful alongside marijuana. Students learn what signs they should look for when they see a drug like this and how to use it safely.

This is a great way for students to get familiar with substances and how they work within the body.

Demand for cannabis products

cannabis industry news and trends

Cannabis is still a small part of the mainstream culture, but demand for products such as water, snacks, and coffee continue to grow in popularity.

Cannabis-themed entertainment is becoming more and more common, allowing people to focus on what they want without worry about being stunk up. This allows them to enjoy their product more than just a smell or couple of drops.

The increased popularity of cannabis has created demand for products such as CBD and THC oil, marijuana plants, and merchandise like clothing and accessories. These items can help mark a new day with less hangover or relief from pain associated with other drugs.

Today, social media is an important part of the industry. Without having followers or subscribers you are limited in what you can do for your brand! You need to be smart about your marketing plans to keep up traffic and sales.

Cannabis brands emerging

cannabis industry news and trends

There are more and more cannabis brands emerging every week, challenging the established supermarket, drugstore, and specialty store chains.

Many of these new brands are based in dispensaries, carrying limited products until the brand is accepted by the community. This acceptance comes with membership fees and public reputation-building efforts.

Many people find value in the unique products these members provide, as they know what they are talking about when they say it works. Members often spend a lot of their time establishing trust and consistency in their customers’ lives.

By having high-quality products that people trust readily, it creates a more consistent experience for users. In turn, it increases engagement and revenue generation for the company.

These new brands are continuing to emerge with varying levels of legitimacy. By looking up these new companies on Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube you will be able to see if they carry true authenticity or not.

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